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Will Challenger Banks Rule the Market?

  4.10.2019   Forster Chase Reports

With the rise of challenger banks emerging within the UK market it is important to now consider the longevity of these businesses. Since the new RBS banking competition fund of

Forster Chase Group secures Benny Higgins as Executive Chairman for Forster Chase Advisory

  11.01.2019   Forster Chase Reports

Forster Chase has appointed Benny Higgins as Executive Chairman of Forster Chase Advisory. The position oversees the advisory arm of Forster Chase which provides strategic advice and facilitates mergers and

xR: What it means to your business

Surveying the Land Whether you are following a checklist, reading a maintenance manual, filling in a form or performing an inspection, chances are that a piece of paper and clipboard

Forster Chase People Moves Report – Institutional Investment May 2017

This report consists of a selection of the month’s people moves from the pension fund, asset management and investment consulting industries. Click here to read the full report: Institutional Investment People

Guest Blog — Automatic enrolment: what next for workplace pensions?

  29.06.2017   Pension Fund Intelligence

It’s nearly five years since the first employers stepped up to the automatic enrolment challenge. Many company executives could be forgiven for thinking that, once compliant, the AE box is

Forster Chase News and People Moves Report July 2016

  3.08.2016   Forster Chase Reports

FORSTER CHASE NEWS AND PEOPLE MOVES ROUND-UP - INSTITUTIONAL INVESTMENT AUG 2016These reports consist of a selection of the month’s news articles and people moves from the pension fund, asset

UK pension funds pile pressure on fund houses

SCHEMES WANT TO REDUCE RELIANCE ON WHAT THEY VIEW AS COSTLY EXTERNAL FUND HOUSESAn article in the FT (FM section) featuring one of our Partners, Leo Meggitt, after he conducted

Mourinho vs the All Blacks – lessons in legacy building

SHORT-TERM SUCCESS VERSUS A LONG-TERM, SELF-SUSTAINING LEGACYSport can always offer interesting parallels with business and how different personalities affect the direction a business can take. I have previously written a