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For time-sensitive and urgent business need.

Forster Chase Interim has been set up to provide executive and senior interim management resources for time sensitive projects. Our portfolio includes consultants who are former and current Chairmen, CEOs and other C-level executives of the largest and most prestigious institutions of the country.

Delivery consultants are all industry experts covering areas such as Regulatory Risk, Human Capital projects, Transformation Projects, etc.

We are experts in acquiring talent for organisations that facilitate the successful delivery of complex transformation programmes from senior programme managers to experienced programme directors.

Forster Chase has developed relationships with some of the largest UK and International institutions and has built a reputation for delivering unique and exceptional talent.

Our solutions are proven experts in their field who implement vision by working in the business, on the business, with the business. Our services are not driven by filling gaps but fulfilling possibilities, working with you in the scope and definition of the right solution.

Interim management is not a soft option but utilised in the correct way adds tremendous value to the business.

Working with proven and validated executives we can provide the business with shortterm project support to help enable the business to seamlessly integrate future acquisitions in the most cost effective, time focused manner. Allowing the business to grow without impact to the BAU teams. 

Partner, Interim

Justin heads up Forster Chase Interim.

Justin Whitehouse

Partner, Asset Management

Leo is a Founding Partner at Forster Chase, and runs our pension funds practice.

Leo Meggitt

Partner, Board Services

Chris is a Founding Partner at Forster Chase and he runs our board practice.

Chris Grove

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